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බුදු හිමියන් සංකේතවත් කරමින් බුදු පිළිම වහන්සේලාට ජීවමාන බුදු කෙනෙකු පරිද්දෙන් පුද සත්කාර, ගෞරවය දක්වයි. ඔබ පරික්ෂාවෙන් මර්ඟයේ ගමන් කරයි නම් අපගේ එම සැලකිල්ල හා ගෞරවය මැනවින් ඔබට අවබෝධ වනු ඇත.
There are few methods to get intersection between two array in javascript.
In computer science, the Boolean or logical data type is a data type, having two values (usually denoted true and false), intended to represent the truth values of logic and Boolean algebra. It is named after George Boole, who first defined an algebraic system of logic in the mid 19th century. The Boolean data type is the primary result of conditional statements, which allow different actions and change control flow depending on whether a programmer-specified boolean condition evaluates to true or false.
I know, You have tried many time to find to delete element from a array ( eg: ['a','b','c','d'] ) and as well as object ( eg: {a:1,b:2,c:3,d:} ) . This article has been written to give idea to delete a particular element from a array as well as an object.
Mostly php developers need to store data into unencrypted or encrypted file (cvs,text,etc...) , using many different technics. Explain few, the most important technics in this article.
We've had a lot of questions about how to export your HD video so that it looks as good as possible on YouTube. Have you ever wondered what the BEST export settings are within Adobe Premiere Pro for YouTube?
How many know about strtotime function in php ? let's see, How match usefully strtotime function in php and also how to use in your php program.
IONIC is an excellent language to learn right now. It should be comfortable for anyone who has past experience with Javascript and HTML, but it is also a wonderful option for those with no coding experience at all.
ගැටලුව පිටින් විමසා සරලව පලැස්ථර හරියැයි හැගෙන විසදුම් සෙවීම අපේ රටේ සම්ප්‍රධායික පරිපාලන ක්‍රමයවේ. අපේ රටේ හැම තරුණයෙක්ම වෙනස් විදිහට හිතන්න පටන්ගෙන තිබෙන මොහොතක ගතානුගතිකත්වයෙන් මිදී මැතිවරණ ප්‍රතිසංස්කරණ සිදු කරන්නේ කේසේදැයි විමසා බලමු.
Blender provide many free defined functions on their api to create mesh objects by using python scripts. This article will help to write scripts into your own blender gaming or animation projects.

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