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Increase view count in your published site count, day by day. But more than 1000 or 10000 views hard to display in your web pages. You have to need format to display views,subscribes or likes count in the site page.
Web Browser and Server use HTTP protocol to communicate and HTTP is a stateless protocol. But for a commercial website it is required to maintain session information among different pages. For example one user registration ends after completing many pages. But how to maintain user's session information across all the web pages. In many situations, using cookies is the most efficient method of remembering and tracking preferences, purchases, commissions, and other information required for better visitor experience or site statistics.
get_headers function not work sometimes in server, but you can get headers by using curl. So i wrote a code to get same headers results like get_headers return parameters. I think it is helpful for you.
Pixel images are best for making computer icons, isometric images and 2d game. There is quick and easy way to configure Photoshop with a couple of steps. Let's learn in step by step.
In this tutorial explain step by step, How to code a simple custom LED blinking pattern with nine leds in arduino.
ලංකාව තුල පවතින කුමන හෝ පන්සලකට පමිණෙන දේශීය හෝ විදේශීකයකුගෙන් එහි ඇති පුරාවිද්‍යාතමක වටිනාකමට හෝ සලකා ප්‍රවේශ ගස්තු ලෙස හෝ යම් මුදලක් අය කරනු ලබනවාද? පන්සලක වටිනාකම නොදත් අප පුන්‍ය භූමියක් ලෙස පන්සල අපම කෙතරම්දුරට කෙලසනවාද?
Easy way to string formatting in PHP. You can use this function same as sprintf () and much different to making expression string. String formatting from array.
In CSS 3 used ::selection to overrides your browser-level or system-level text highlighting styles compatible with many browsers. But only a few CSS properties can be applied. eq: color, background-color, cursor, outline, text-decoration, text-emphasis-color and text-shadow. So see the article, how cool are these things
සාසනය වෙනුවෙන් කෙතරම් කැපවීමක් කරන භික්ෂූන්වහන්සේලාගේ ගිහි කල පවුලේ සාමාජිකයන් පිළිබදව ශ්‍රී ලාංකිකයන් ලෙස අප කෙතරම්දුරට සොයා බැලීමක් කරනවද? කලයුතුද? කරන්නේ කෙසේද?
IONIC is an excellent language to learn right now. It should be comfortable for anyone who has past experience with Javascript and HTML, but it is also a wonderful option for those with no coding experience at all.

What is the codrate ? is a standard, fast cross browsing and highly versatile site. It is useful for many large number of Program Development Industries. So you can get support form Codrators , who are the codrate's joiners around world to help your program developments, You can answer other codrator's questions. Communicate with them. Share your knowledge with them. Do you have an interest in programming, So publish your articles about programming. It will help to maintain your professional co-profile. Actually is not such as a regular web site. It will be gave new experience, best narrow cross-browser view, reduce processing time to receive browsing request, it's mean do not wasting your time to browsing codrate's web pages because it has been upgrade always modern coding ways. So, what do you waiting for ?. Try your own.

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