compress ( $des_zip, $paths )

Compress attached files and folders.


require_once 'compress.php'; //attactched source script library compression file into your project.
$zip = new ESCompress(); // initialized ESCompress compression object.
$result = $zip->compress('');  // Compress attached files and folders.
    echo 'Cannot compressed now.';



(string) (required) absolute or related file path.


(array) (optional) more than one files or directories attached as paths array.

Return Values

(array) Returns true , If has been compression success or fail return (boolean) false .


.1 Give compression file path as required parameter.

$result = $zip->compress('');
    echo 'Cannot compressed now.';

.2 Attached single file or folder into compression file as secondary parameter.

$result = $zip->compress('','E:\folder\sample3.txt');
    echo 'Cannot compressed now.';

.3 Attached more than one file or folder as secondary path array.

$result = $zip->compress('', array('sample1', 'E:\folder\sample3.txt'));
    echo 'Cannot compressed now.';

function () add_file published
function () add_folder published
function () overwrite published
function () as_new published
function () extract published

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