Dilshan Rodrigo

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Male. he is 24 years old. Living in Sri Lanka.
he is join with us as codratorsince 2015,June.
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How can i get the best record from a table in mysql?
In my database has two tables to store my campaigns details. campaigns ( table1 ) id campaign status 1 home_c 1 2 flower_sunday 1 3 flower_friday 0 4 lanka_flowers 1 5 lanka_top_flowers 1 campaign_records ( table2 ) id campaign_id user_id date status...
Order by another column if the column is null in mysql query statment
My site user addresses have stored in a table. A user has default address and also any user can has a working address. id user_id default_address default_city work_address work_city 1 2 No. 16D Manamulla Wes, Panadura, Sri Lanka Panadura No. 16D Mana...
How to get table rows wise records as column wise?
I'm work with wordpress cms. In post meta table, id post_id meta_key meta_value 1 1 like_count 20 2 1 view_count 40 3 1 downloads 10 4 2 like_count 5 5 2 view_count 14 6 3 answer 5 7 3 view_count 36 All post metas have been recorded as row wise. Some...
Sampling random subset form an array
I need JavaScript source code to get randomly  few element (sampling) from an array.
Recursively delete a directory with sub files and directories of it's contents in PHP
I need to PHP function to delete a directory with it's sub directories and files.
Convert string into array without first record in JavaScript
I need data of array type. I do not know, how can i do it. But i could made string like ",a,b,c,d,e". it has one problem. First character will be always comma, when i build every time. But it's ok. I need convert string into array without first recor...
How can jquery ui sortable function using with handle ?
jquery ui sortable has been used in a image list. it not work, what i need i etch images contain in li list those are set inside in ul tag .images has sortale icon . i need image sort when i drag sortable icon only. Is this possible with jquery ui so...
Jquery stop children's events triggering for them parent's events
Example: I set div ' parent ' tag and it's content has button ' children ' tag. these two have their own click events. when i click parent div tag it's click event fired. it's ok. but when i click button tag div and button click events were fired. i...

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