Return all array elements except for a given key

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I was wondering if there is a native PHP function for returning all values from an associative array that do not match a given key(s)? //source array $source = array('key_1'=>'value_1','key_2'=>'value_2','key_3'=>'value_3','key_4'=>'value_4','key_5'=>'value_5'); // Required keys $filter1 = array('key_1','key_2'); $filter2 = array('key_3','key_4','key_5'); I wish to get result as : Array( ['key_3'] => 'value_3', ['key_4'] =>'value_4', ['key_5'] =>'value_5' ) // First $filter1 array Array( ['key_1'] => 'value_1', ['key_2'] =>'value_2' ) // Second $filter_2 array

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This function compatible with any php version.
function array_diff($source,$filters){
    foreach($filters as $filter){
    return $filters;


2 Answer

array_flip function use to convert $filter1 & $filter2 array values to keys, Then array_diff_key function return different with $source & new converted $filter1 or $filter2 array.
array_diff_key($source,  array_flip($filter1));

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