Change Text Selection Color on Webpage

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In CSS 3 used ::selection to overrides your browser-level or system-level text highlighting styles compatible with many browsers. But only a few CSS properties can be applied.
eq: color, background-color, cursor, outline, text-decoration, text-emphasis-color and text-shadow.

Browser Support

Chrome 4.0+, IE 9.0+, Firefox 2.0+,Safari 3.1+,Opera 9.6+

Gecko is the most supportive engine and use own rule. ::-moz-selection { } .The rule would be dropped on non-Gecko browsers as ::-moz-selection is invalid on them. Normally two separate rules must be written to cross browsers.

::selection { background-color: #006fb4; } ::-moz-selection { background-color: #006fb4; /* Gecko Browsers */ }

Note: The ::selection pseudo-element was drafted for CSS Selectors Level 3, but removed before the Recommendation status. So, at the moment, the ::selection pseudo-element is not in any specification. (However, it may be re-added to future CSS specifications.)

Within the text selection selector, actually color and background are the only properties that work. What you can do some extra things, are change the selection color for different paragraphs or different input,textarea of the page.

Few different example for text selection color for different tags: p::selection { background-color: #2591cb; color: #f4faff; } p::-moz-selection{ background-color: #2591cb; color: #f4faff; } input[type=text]::selection ,input[type=password]::selection,textarea::selection { background-color: #747576; color: #e4e4e4; } input[type=text]::-moz-selection,input[type=password]::-moz-selection,textarea::-moz-selection{ background-color: #747576; color: #e4e4e4; } .error::selection { background-color: #d90101; color: #ffffff; } .error::-moz-selection{ background-color: #d90101; color: #ffffff; } .success::selection{ background-color: #016a00; color: white; } .success::-moz-selection{ background-color: #016a00; color: white; } a::selection{ color: #00189d; } a::-moz-selection{ color: #00189d; } Note: Do not write the text selection rules with combined, even though the style block is doing the same thing. It doesn't work if you combine them: /* This will be incorrect */ p::selection, p::-moz-selection { background: #006fb4; } That's because browsers ignore the entire selector if there is a part of it they don't understand or is invalid. There is some exceptions to this (IE 7?) but not in relation to these selectors.
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