Shalin Rudrigo

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Male. he is 35 years old. Living in Sri Lanka.
Currently work in Codratecompany in Panaduraas Software Engineer since 2010,January.
he is join with us as codersince 2015,April.
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How to get count of linebreaks in textarea with jQuery
In my application i need to something like a counter for every linebreaks in a textarea by using jQuery.
Wamp Server does not started on Windows 10 64Bit
After wamp server installation, Then I tried to start wamp server. But it never started. icon stays in red color. Wamp server set up into port 80. Only use port 80 was wamp server and any other services including skeype not use it. How can fix this o...
how to capture window resize event javascript?
I want to add some style when window resizing in javascript. How to capture windows resize event?
How can trigger the window resize event manually in JavaScript?
For example, auto re-adjust my web page styles when the browser window will be resized.  But sometimes not fit styles, when i append html content.  however i can trigger window resize event somehow. styles will be fit. Any other solution trigger wi...
localhost project url links do not work, how to fix it in wamp?
After wamp server started, Browse http://localhost/ to open a project. Then try to open link under Your Projects. But all links are like http://[project_name]/. But it must be http://localhost/[project_name]/. I want to fix it. how can i do it?...
How can i get the best record from a table in mysql?
In my database has two tables to store my campaigns details. campaigns ( table1 ) id campaign status 1 home_c 1 2 flower_sunday 1 3 flower_friday 0 4 lanka_flowers 1 5 lanka_top_flowers 1 campaign_records ( table2 ) id campaign_id user_id date status...
The program can't start because MSVCR110.dll is missing from your computer
I'm trying to install wamp server 3.0 into a windows 10 pc. I could installed wamp successfully. But display this error alert every time, When i run wamp. Then i reinstalled several times, But display this message again and again, And also wamp not s...
How to get randomly 10 elements form array in PHP?
Get more than 10 users in my program. I want to limit to 10 users randomly. How can i do this? Array ( [1] => 'John', [2] => 'Anthony', [3] => 'Iris', [4] => 'Schaffer', ... )
site located on server or localhost, How can i find by using absolute path in php?
My site has been developed on local machine, and do not error reporting on server. But report error, if site located on localhost. So i want to identify, where is the site located on server or localhost by using absolute path.
Order by another column if the column is null in mysql query statment
My site user addresses have stored in a table. A user has default address and also any user can has a working address. id user_id default_address default_city work_address work_city 1 2 No. 16D Manamulla Wes, Panadura, Sri Lanka Panadura No. 16D Mana...

He wrote 47 articles.

React JS Hello world first application for the beginner
This article show to create Hello world first application by using React JS step by step for the beginner
winSCP does not showing .htaccess file. How to show hidden files?
By default WinSCP application comes with "Show Hidden Files" option as enable. But some versions did not. This is the reason, why hidden files are not showing. If "Show Hidden Files" option enable then hidden files will showing again.
How to update visual studio with most recent release additional applications
It's easy to customize Visual Studio modification so that it includes only what you want to install, update, or modify Visual Studio, So very first step you must log on with an account. Then follow few steps to mofidy.
How to use dynamic function to get any type of variable in javascript
Explain in this article, what are the suitable methods to get any variable name by discussing with different methods like instanceof , typeof, constructor, etc.. operations. This you can used for own advance ai program for identify created variables.
Why does external hard drive not showing up in windows 10
I cannot see my external hard drive, when i plug in to my computer first time. Because external hard drive has not any partition resignation. I think you have same problem. Don't wary! let's see how to fixed it step by step very easily.
Dynamically generate slug in PHP
You can generate your own folder or file name, SEO friendly url. but users give various name to your applications. So you need to dynamically generate function to reduce problem.
Blender 3d best hotkey settings for view move and rotate events
Blender 3d default hotkey much difficult to use for me. Then i change settings for view move and rotate events on blender 2.8. Maybe those settings useful to you.
How to convert OBS mkv file to mp4 format
This is so easy to convert OBS mkv file to mp4 format. OBS provide facility to do this, So do not needed extra software to do this.
How to export HD videos in Premiere Pro CC for YouTube, Vimeo, & Facebook with best settings
We've had a lot of questions about how to export your HD video so that it looks as good as possible on YouTube. Have you ever wondered what the BEST export settings are within Adobe Premiere Pro for YouTube?
How to fixed post processing stack installation issues for unity 2018
Many developers are use post processing stack on unity for best rendering. It is free and very powerful asset. but It has been gave issues for 2018 unity version. It easy to fixed.

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