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Atleast your are 10 years old to sign-up as cordrator
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Your sign-up detail use professionally. Do not submit sign-up form by using fake details.
And also read bellow information, before submit sign-up form.

What happen when i submit sign-up form ?

After sign-up form submit, You were registered as a codrator. And also password will be automatically generated and send your mail account with other login details , after your sign-up complete. Check your email account to get login details. Sometimes if mail will be spam, then you cannot see the mail on inbox, so check spam list.

After sign-up, I want to set my own password. How can i do this ?

If you need to set your own password.
  • First new to login into your account.
  • Then browse to your profile. Then your can change your own password

Do not ever forget your email address. we can only way to identify you from your email address.


Who get fresh code scripts from codrate!

Will send your codrate site configuration email in your mail account.

What is the codrate ? is a standard, fast cross browsing and highly versatile site. It is useful for many large number of Program Development Industries. So you can get support form Codrators , who are the codrate's joiners around world to help your program developments, You can answer other codrator's questions. Communicate with them. Share your knowledge with them. Do you have an interest in programming, So publish your articles about programming. It will help to maintain your professional co-profile. Actually is not such as a regular web site. It will be gave new experience, best narrow cross-browser view, reduce processing time to receive browsing request, it's mean do not wasting your time to browsing codrate's web pages because it has been upgrade always modern coding ways. So, what do you waiting for ?. Try your own.

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